Disable WiFi


The following is the software setting.  If you wish to disable the whole WiFi module, scroll down below for a very simple REVERSIBLE screwdriver only procedure.

TCL Roku Enabled TVs such as S405 series (e.g. 49S405, 55S405, etc)put out constant WiFi radiation even if setup with Ethernet or turned OFF!

The following gives you steps to Turn Off Direct WiFi on Roku enabled devices. This may also work for other Direct WiFi enabled electronics.

Note: for Roku box itself, the steps are different! Click here for additional steps for Roku devices (not TVs)

  1. Go to home.
  2. Settings.
  3. System.
  4. Advanced system settings.
  5. Device connect.
  6. Disable Device connect.

You may also want to disable Fast TV Start

  1.  Go To Home
  2. Settings
  3. System
  4. Power
  5. Fast TV Start -> Disabled

If this still does not work for you or if you want to go ninja on TCL WiFi, follow the simple reversible steps below to COMPLETELY DISABLE the TCL WiFi Module!



Disable WiFi Module

  1. Take off the legs from the TV set
  2. Unscrew every screw marked with an “T” and 3 marked with an arrow.
  3. Open the back plastic plate 
  4. Disconnect the WiFi module on the left. 
  5. Close it up and the WiFi is permanently off.


TCL Roku Enabled TVs put out constant WiFi radiation, even if setup with Ethernet or turned OFF!