Electrical Wiring and Health

There has been an overwhelming amount of research and information on the effects of dirty electricity.  Google “dirty electricity” for details.  Here we will simply direct you toward the products and procedures that work for us.  The difference in sleep quality has been astounding!

Here are the steps to cleaning up your electrical wiring situation:

  1. Get a  Dirty Electricity Meter and check your wiring situation. Anything over 50mV should be addressed, particularly in the bedroom.
  2. Go through your breaker box and turn off every breaker that connects to a circuit that is not being used at all, or used infrequently. 
  3. As a test, turn off the breakers to the bedroom circuits – you will thank us and may just leave those off.
  4. Get Dirty Electricity Filters to deal with any irregularities, discovered by the Dirty Electricity Meter.
  5. As a bonus, measure your body voltage, using Body Voltage Meter in different areas of the house, or see this article on how to make your own.  Anything over 200mV will disrupt your sleep, in particular.

Some useful links: