Replace WiFi with These Ethernet Based Healthy Solutions at home and on the road.

There are number of obscure and obvious solutions to your WiFi problems.  Most allow you to retain much of the convenience of RF based networks while providing more speed and reliability.

Power Line Communications (PLC)

PLC or Ethernet over Power Line is a simple way to take your internet to any room that has a power socket. Can be combined with any of the other Ethernet tech.

Here is one we are using

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USB to Ethernet Adapters for Tablets, Laptops and PCs

Connect any USB capable Tablet, Laptop or PC via Ethernet cable.

This one works with smart phones

Smartphone On-The-Go USB Adapters

Use these to connect any smartphone to the Ethernet USB Adapters (In my experience this is a more reliable method that OTG Ethernet adapters, but your mileage may vary). 

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WiFi Client Plus Power Line Communications (PLC)

For the times when you have no access to the Ethernet ports of the Router itself and all you have is WiFi, you can use combination of a WiFi Client and a PLC Device (or WiFi enabled PLC device) to minimize exposure to the RF polution.

More Info Coming… Stay tuned!