Steps to Reduce RF Radiation Exposure

It is recommended that you explore every step, in detail, as some obscure settings and options that you have not heard about before may make quite a bit of difference.


Identify the Problem

Get an RF Meter

You would be surprised at the strength and the source of some of the radiation sources surrounding you.  This is the best investment you can make for RF radiation protection.


The Essentials

Smart Phones

This is might be the biggest threat to your health, as it is closest to your body.  Ways to keep your device useful while minimize the hazards. 

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth
  2. Turn Off WiFi
  3. Turn Off NFC
  4. Turn Off Data. Note: Voice and SMS will still be available, if you don’t use Airplane mode. The radiation will be reduced 100 fold.
  5. Turn Off GPS
  6. Get an OTG USB adapter and USB to Ethernet adapter

See the additional info on the right for ways to wire your phone at home.  Use your wired laptop for social media.


Healthy Productivity 

Laptops, Tablets, Routers

  1. Disable WiFi on the Routers (button or via Web Login setting)
  2. Disable Bluetooth
  3. Disable WiFi
  4. Get connected via Ethernet
  5. Create a Power Line Communication Network for convenience


Healthy Leasure

TVs & Streaming Boxes

It may surprise you but just setting your entertainment system to use a wired connection will not eliminate the radiation it puts out, and don’t forget your smart remote…

The culprit is Direct WiFi. Hidden under Advanced Settings and Direct Device Settings, is the Direct WiFi/Direct Device option. Turn it off and buy an RF remote, if necessary (ROKU).  Detailed steps coming soon!


Just Say No

WiFi/Bluetooth Only Electronics

Be smart about smart devices.  Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Echo, Bluetooth headphones, anything that does not have a wired option is a subtle nuisance or worse.  Nothing more to say about it.  Just don’t buy them, don’t use them, unplug them, warn others about them.  Industry has to develop Responsible RF Exposure Guidelines or be forced to. 


Healthy Hobbies

Drones and RC Toys

If anyone in your family owns and operates drones or Remote Control Toys, you should really get a good RF Meter NOW.  Some of the more advanced drones will operate in limited capacity without a controller, via hand gestures, which infinitely reduces the RF exposure. Do not get a long range drone or special remote controllers for drones. The radiation levels are ridiculous. 


Necessary Evil

Dealing with Radiation

Sometimes the WiFi or Cell Phone Signal is required to accomplish a task or not under your control.  Here are the easy partial fixes that will help you relax:

  1. 5Ghz is much more harmful than 2.4Ghz, in line of sight.  Login to the router settings page and turn off 5Ghz option
  2. Some routers have signal strength option. Lower it.
  3. Aluminum Foil is the easiest and most available protection.  Wrapping the WiFi Router in aluminum foil will reduce your exposure while still allowing you to connect.  NOTE: Take care not to create an amplifying dish – any openings must be away from you.
  4. Use power timers to automatically shut off the WiFi device after use
  5. Move away.  The radiation is exponentially reduced for non directional communications.
  6. Do not use your phone in areas with poor reception, as the phone will scale up its signal output to deal with it.


Healthy Future

Help If You Can

  1. Spread the word
  2. Invest in and learn about alternatives such as, Li-Fi Visible Light Communications (VLC) 
  3. Vote with your wallet.  Buy responsibly designed electronics
  4. Get educated on risks and alternatives.