Eliminate WiFi and Radio Frequency Pollution 

Transform Your Life

The following are proven ways to reduce and eliminate RF pollution in your home, place of work and on the road.

NOTE: We highly recommend starting with investment in a quality Radio Frequency (RF) detector.  A good RF detector will also help you win over those who you share your space with, as you often need their cooperation.   A dramatic demonstration of RF pollution in the living space can go a long way in securing cooperation.

RF Meters

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You can’t fight what you can’t see.

You would be surprised how many devices in your house could be making you tired and unwell… TVs, remote controls, streaming boxes, refrigerators, drones, and those are just the obvious ones. 

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WiFi to Ethernet Conversion

WiFi has it’s benefits.  But some of those benefits are not exclusive to it.

These are proven technologies that give you some of the same convenience without the health risks.

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Disable WiFi and Bluetooth in Electronics

Almost every network and remote control enabled product on the market now has always-on WiFi radiation, EVEN when they are OFF or plugged into Ethernet! 

Learn how to turn off these features off.

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Necessary Evil: RF Hazard Reduction

Sometimes the technology that you are using is unfortunately anchored in RF.  Better and safer tech is coming, likely in the form of LiFi (VLC), but it may be some years out. 

Products to avoid and ways to reduce the exposure

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